Dawam Healthcare

An emerging healthcare services concept focusing on contemporary and integrated solutions in specialized consultant clinics, temperature-controlled pharmacies, and International standard diagnostic labs.

Client Name

Syed Fahad & Rizwan Chaudhry

Release Date

July 5, 2021

Project Types

Healthcare Website Portal

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Dawam Is An Emerging Healthcare Services Concept Focusing On Contemporary And Integrated Solutions In Specialized Consultant Clinics, Temperature-Controlled Pharmacies, And International Standard Diagnostic Labs. Our Healthcare Hubs Present A Sense Of Grandeur To The Visitors. We Are Well-Positioned To Create A Paradigm Shift In A Deficient Healthcare Ecosystem.

The Challenge

With Dawam’s website lacking differentiation as well as a unique and seamless user experience, Telic Solutions was assigned to create a digital platform that increased search visibility, elevated brand perception, and provided users with a richer & more intuitive experience.

The Approach

We established interactive forms to collect the patient’s information for booking appointments, filtered each doctor’s data as per specialization, embedded Google Recaptcha to avoid spam data, presented a responsive layout across the website, and setup a Google Business account for virtual & physical presence.

Enhanced Site Content

We accomplished this goal by infusing the site data with top-notch doctors & consultants, local customer reviews, and on-location assistance so that each page would serve as a portal to the facility itself.

Highlighting The Brand

In addition to creating the content for Dawam’s “About Us” page focused on its unique vision, mission, and values, Telic Solutions launched a series of new pages that captured the healthcare spirit for the community and provided a one-stop solution for healthcare assistance.