Carbyne allows registered users to secure their crypto-wallets by encrypting their private keys and seed phrases with a password and generating a QR code to share. We used Argon2id for key derivation from the user password and AES-GCM for symmetric encryption of sensitive data.

Client Name

Andreas Gmeunder

Release Date

November, 2021

Project Types

iOS & Android App

- Private keys and pass phrases are hard to remember (either because of random characters or too long).
- Storing seed phrases digitally without encryption is a security risk.
- Human memory is imperfect.
- Easier to remember secret that can help recall the original private key/ pass phrase.
- Symmetric encryption can be used.
- Argon2id is a password hashing algorithm that won Password Hashing Competition. It is resistant to both GPU cracking attacks and side-channel cache timing attacks.
- Argon2id for password hashing (converting myPass to 028418432329), AES-GCM for encryption of secret key.
- The cipher text can be shared and stored for safe keeping.
- Cipher text and password can be used to generate the plain text (secret key) again.
- The app was developed for iOS and Android using Flutter.