Why OutStaff A Development Team?

The IT Outstaff service is an ideal business-oriented solution for organizations that need to scale their in-house software development team over time. Such companies use this approach to deliver extensive long-term projects with appropriate management and human resources. 
At Telic Solutions, we offer a remote off-shore team of professional developers that help to cooperate and boost your existing projects within the defined budget, scope, and time.


What Benefits Do You Get?

Our Pool of Software Developers

We focus on grabbing mature and competitive candidates who are always motivated towards the current IT technology trend. Visit the below technology stack and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Staff augmentation is the process of hiring skillful & technical talent from HR firms to develop large scalable projects within a certain period. The core objective of staff augmentation is to provide an individual or a team of professionals with knowledgeable and hands-on technical experience. These experts collaborate with the in-house development team to accelerate the current business flow
Although the outstaffing trend has gained tremendous growth in the market, it’s a tough challenge to find the appropriate candidate. It is indeed a time-consuming & brainstorming process to choose the right partner for IT Staff Augmentation. At Telic Solutions, we ensure to provide you with the right candidate at the right time. We love to hear your ideas, feedback and suggestions. Our recruitment team always welcomes such customers and are delighted to serve them. From initial screening, terms & conditions, pricing till the end, we are there to support you. Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you shortly.
The IT Staff Augmentation is an agile and elegant solution for businesses with adequate budget, resources, and timeline to deliver and launch new products in the marketplace.
After the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have shifted their work ethics toward remote online jobs. The IT Staff Augmentation is a fair and preferable way to boost your current business by hiring professionals with hands-on technical expertise. They can collaborate and share their knowledge with your in-house team, enhance your business workflow and develop products per industry standards.

To make the IT Staff Augmentation profitable for your business, you need to:

  • Define clear Terms & Conditions for the required job title.
  • Ensure effective and concise communication with the candidate.
  • Determine the accurate skill set required for your business.
  • Evaluate the candidate’s performance throughout the project.

Below are the major pros of IT Staff Augmentation:

  • Cost-Saving – Lowers the cost by reducing the burden of network infrastructure, equipment, employee medical, taxes, and other overhead expenses.

  • Welcomes Latest Technology Stack  – Instead of relying on outdated technology, the IT Staff Augmentation aims to bring new and innovative market trend technology for business and product development.

  • Promotes Team Collaboration – Experienced personnel and specialists collaborate with the in-house development team to carry out projects within the deadlines. They look forward to completing their tasks and commitments on time.

More Focus on Marketing – Companies like to focus on brand marketing strategies instead of wasting precious time going through the hiring process.

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